The latest news and project updates




Adding some new pics i have taken which include a new photoshoot, pics at the Franklin Park Conservatory, and new car pc build pics. Got a new camera a Nikon D40 so pics from now on will be much higher quality. Working on fixing a few things here and there and adding all the AllDATA manuals for every car made here soon, they total 109 GB in size and are divided up into DVD's for easy downoading. Taking a break from the movies for a bit.


Quick update got all the movies back on my drive still trying to get them uploaded to the site so keep checking back on that. Added some new meet pics also a new forum which is on the random page so pop in and say hi and tell me what you think of the site. Things are starting to come along nicely on the new server and most content is back up and running such as the files, and all Honda service manuals. Looking into building a new car pc here soon so stay tuned for build pics and specs.



Ah disaster has struck once again with the site, my old host decided to move servers and when transferring my data they lost a good bit of it. So all movies, music videos, files, manuals and such are all gone. I am working on getting most of the stuff back up on a new host now so hopefully it will actually work well this time. The spring Ohiohondas meet is ths weekend and you shall see some new meet pics up and hopefully if I have time some new photoshoot pics. Not many new additions to the car but hey its nice and I want to take some pics. Stay tuned for more content to be added and everything in working order once again. If you find a broken link let me know.



Some new things have been added like all the Honda Service manuals I could possibly find and all are hosted by me. Added a few new movies and working on making the pages so they can be bookmarked so its easier to navigate. If you stumble upon a bad link let me know. More optimizations are coming here soon along with a few new movies and such, and once spring rolls around maybe some new pics for once.



Well its 2009 figured I would add to the site. Added a BUNCH of movies to the videos page I was bored so I figured why not. Added a few things to the download page as well. No new pics as its cold outside and nothing to do. If you experience any problems let me know.



Another update no longer have the Car PC as its winter and I dont use it much so sold it and it will be time to upgrade to a new model. Also, getting ready to switch the car over to winter mode which is winter rims and such. Plans for winter include New front lip, painted front bumper, new tires, new car pc, new fog lights. Just minor site updates done and also added more goodies to the download page.



Havent updated in a while been quite busy but got some stuff done here and there. Got the webcam mounted in the grill videos will be up soon installed Centrafuse Front End and got it up and running smoothly, got the strut bars installed, and going to install the GPS. A few smaller mods here and there but all in all the car is coming along. Added nw stuff to the downloads section includeing Garmin Navigation Software for 09 so enjoy.



Well took some great pics of the spring 08 meet it was a good turnout as usual. Also, got the car done and cleaned in time and went on a little photoshoot and snapped some new pics. Added a cracked version of Centrafuse to the downloads section, and check back for some more goodies as I add them.



Getting ready for the spring meets by getting all new body panels put on, new rims, and getting it detailed. New pics will be coming soon along with more stuff in the Downloads section.



Finally got the new site up and running with all new pics and such for you to look at. If you find anything not working or have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.



I am now old i guess since i turned 25 today which was kinda depressing but hey it happens...does this mean i can have a quarter life crisis??? I have also purchased a lot of new stuff for the car including new rims and tires, new suspension with new shocks and coilovers, new LCA's, new foglights with yellow bulbs, new sun visors, front and back strut bars and new plugs and wires. Its going to be a busy spring so stay tuned for new pics of all the new goodies.